Terraview @ Zurich Wine Festival 2018



Team Terraview

What a way to understand your potential customers than to be among them!

Team TerraView was at the annual Zurich wine festival by the ever enchanting Lake Zurich where 12 boats were moored hosting wine producers and sellers from across the globe.

We got a chance to speak to numerous wine distributors, vineyard keepers, and owners from across Europe. We sampled Merlot, Cheverny Blanc, Pinot Noir and wines across all degrees of dryness to fruitiness. Our target demographics were producers and owners from central and western Europe, especially southwestern German regions across the Rhine river basin, including vineyards in the north and south of Switzerland.
We discussed issues from vineyard maintenance, to labor force training, to climatic factors, fermentation automation, challenges pertaining to different grape varieties, etc. with some of the participants to better understand their pain points, with the ultimate goal of fine tuning our platform to solve some real, hard problems faced by wine makers regularly.
Attending this event gave us a great perspective about the nature of wine craft, although we have been independently researching the field ourselves to design a deep-tech solution for this sector, yet talking first hand with the practitioners was exhilarating.


How drones can improve winemaking

Multispectral imaging, coupled with AI algorithms, can offer unique insights into what is happening in the vineyard and make wine taste better too.

Strategic alliance with Aerotools-UAV

Aerotools-UAV are one of the few, highly innovative, drones and unmanned areal vehicles based solutions provider in Europe. They provide autonomous long range surveillance platforms

Terraview. 25 years in making.

We’ve all heard how best buddies started up, most of them knew each other for a few years to some 7–10 years before starting up to build something that was meant to truly change the world.