Terraview: the beginning of the change

It is an important part of our daily activities, bringing us multiple benefits, making life more enjoyable.



Team Terraview

It is a matter of fact that the evolution of the technology is making our lives easier...

Most of the major industries are facing this evolution, we are living in the Digital Era and it is a must the use of the smart technology to reach the business goals and the success.

In the industry of the viticulture, we have seen how implementing new technology affects positively its production, its productivity and the quality of the wine. Here it is exactly where Terraview wants to drive the real change.

Terraview puts data to work for your vineyards.

Our platform is based from three major pillars:

  • Advanced image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented reality

We get all this data from our drones, they collect high quality images and then we process all this information with our proprietary algorithm getting as a result, a full detailed scan from the vineyard.

As a result we provide information about:

  • The correct hydration of the soil
  • Aerial analysis and pattern report of the land
  • Precise and effective weather prognosis
  • The right timing for the pruning
  • Early detection of bacteria
  • Avoiding future pest infestations

For us it is not all about improving productivity or quality of the final product. In Terraview we care about the right management of the vineyard to avoid big quantities of waste of money, making the industry more sustainable and ecological.

To sum up, with our mindset and our platform we are aiming to provide an important source of information to improve the whole cultivation of the vine. We take care of the quality of the grapes, the land and its production to help the vineyards serve the best quality bottle of wine.

If you want to know more about the people who is making TerraView possible, check out our Team page.

Thank you for reading!

Team Terraview