Innovators and believers

Piyush Harsh

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Location: 🇨🇭

Andy Edmonds

Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Location: 🇨🇭

Terry Palmer

Head of Finance. Location: 🇨🇭

Saurav Verma

Head of Product. Location: 🇮🇳

Sergi Franquesa

Sales Executive. Location: 🇪🇸

Panagiotis Gkikopoulos

Full Stack Developer. Location: 🇨🇭

Vojtěch Cima

Head - Data Science and Analytics. Location: 🇨🇭

Adriele Magistro

Data Science and Computer Vision Engineer. Location: 🇨🇭

Łukasz Janasz

Full Stack Developer. Location: 🇨🇭

Murali Manohar

Finance & Legal. Location: 🇮🇳

Dr. Aditya Singh

Technical Advisor. Location: 🇺🇸

Magdalena Górna

Frontend Engineer. Location: 🇨🇭

Łukasz Janasz

Full Stack Developer

Romain Bonnaud

Country Manager - Spain & France

Tsira Liparteliani

Head of Global Community and Social

Ni Ha Kwok

Head of Finance

Amin Alid


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